Friday, May 28, 2010

the apple wasn't so sweet

Remember how I expressed my undying love for Apple just yesterday? Remember how they granted me access to re-download all of the music I've purchased on iTunes over the past three years? Well, I completed the download process....and about 75% of the songs sound like they are being played on a skipping CD. Biggest download fail ever. So, my heart is once again broken in the absence of my music.

I've crafted a nice little letter to my Apple representative and am compiling an excel spreadsheet of all the damaged songs. I am only in the E's and the list has 75 songs. Fingers crossed they come through for me again.

Updates to come.


Simply "T" said...

Booo, that's horrible! I don't know what I'd do if I lost my music. I'd probably die.

Anyway, I never know whether to respond to a comment from my blog on my own comment space or back to the other person's blog, but I responded to your comment on my own blog. Go read it. Right now.

Bottom line is, I never got your email! :( I checked my spam folder and deleted mail and couldn't find anything. Did you send it to allearsonme at gmail dot com?

emily said...

I am basically half dead because of the no/skippy music. It makes me feel like I am having some sort of seizure or something just listening to it.

I don't know how to do the whole responding to a comment either. I do feel the need to go post a comment for you saying, "Yo, left a comment for you on my blog." Twice as much work, but for some reason it makes more sense to me.

I figured out the email situation. Turns out that google friend connect is the culprit. I clicked on your picture under the "following me" part and there was a link that allowed me to message you. Or, fake message you and make me feel like you were creeped out. I will be sending a proper now. Well, give me a second to write it. But, you will get an email. Even though this comment back is starting to feel like an email.