Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i'm no meteorologist

I once kissed this guy and lost all track of time.

At some point he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He opened them again and slowly turned to face me, looking me right in the eye he said, "wow, when it rains it pours." He shook his head slightly as he said this and gave me a little smile out of one side of his mouth. Then, we both pretended as if he had never said it.

That kiss launched what would be a year and a half relationship. It was a relationship filled with wonderfully good times and some I'd rather forget.

I really liked him and a small part of me might even admit that I loved him. I chose to ignore what he really meant that night in July when he talked to me about raining and pouring. It took a year and a half, but the reality of what he said on that first night was the final nail in the coffin we built for ourselves.

In the end, he was right though. When it definitely does pour. I thought about him tonight. I thought about what he said because it is pouring in my world right now. But, I am welcoming it.

While can I hear the rain and thunder outside my apartment right now...I'm not talking about the weather and neither was he. We just speak of very different rain.


Danaconda said...

Definitely have to welcome it - go outside, don't bring an umbrella and let the monsoon pour down! Unless it's acid rain. I suppose that's the equivalent of having a lot of ugly people hitting on you.

Great post by the way: It's nice when someone can make a short post that says a lot more than its word count.

P.S. Where the fuck do these computer people come up with these word verifications to make a comment? I just had to type "shouslo." What the shit is a shouslo?

OG said...

Honestly, I'm not sure I completely understand this post - although I want there something I'm missing or I am just not deep enough?

emily said...

Danaconda- Thank you so much! I am usually the least succinct person ever. I feel like I've hit one out of the ballpark (or another sports reference) when I can say things without saying much at all.

OG- I'm sure it isn't that you aren't deep enough. Basically, things don't happen in one single event. It seems like when something happens...there is this flood of similar activity. I wasn't the only girl who had kissed him recently. There were others. It was pouring new opportunities. And, that didn't really stop after that night.

In happier news, I am having a downpour of good shit right now. I've totally needed it.

OG said...

Ok, I was thinking along those lines, but didn't want believe it :) Glad you're having a good downpour.

LiLu said...

This is beautiful... and it's the title that makes it. Love.

emily said...

OG- Thanks! I also really like that you didn't want to believe the bad in the post.

LiLu- I have the hardest time coming up with titles and this one just happened. It makes me all happy excited that it made the post. Thanks!

GloryStory said...

Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss your sex in the city true life stories... I hope we are able to skype very soon... I love your honesty and your undying enthusiasm for all things good and bad. I want to hear more! More! More! More!!! xoxo

PS Danaconda, I just had to type polyhees... wha??