Monday, June 7, 2010

10 months and four days...

That's right, 10 months and four days ago today I worked my last day at my former job. It was the day that I was laid off and quasi dumped via a Facebook message (I say "quasi dumped" because we weren't even dating and he was way over dramatic).

When I started writing this blog I had grand ideas that it would be some Adventures in Unemployment (a la Adventures in Babysitting); however, unemployment wasn't all I dreamed it would be. I'm not going to lie and say that it wasn't totally bitchin' to never have to wake up or go to sleep at a set time. I won't say that never having to say, "I don't want to go to work tomorrow," wasn't awesome. Visiting my family for over a week, did it. Had friends come in town, check. Okay, it unemployment sort of did rock. However, it sucked too. I lived on hardly anything. I got stuck on an insane sleep schedule. I lost all idea of purpose. I would go days without leaving my apartment. And, I missed almost a whole year. If it were a drink...unemployment would have been half empty with only a little bit of goodness at the bottom. So, the blog didn't really chronicle my adventures in unemployment. I apologize.

But wait, you caught on to the fact that I speak of unemployment in the past tense? That's right bitches...I started a new job today. It fell in my lap and I did little to no work to get it. Before anyone who is unemployed stops following me or gets all pissy because I did very little to break the unemployment trend...take satisfaction in knowing that it is temporary. It is a four month program that I was asked to help start up. It is somewhat impossible to sum up my first day. I was busy, but didn't even have an assigned desk and didn't even know what my actual title was until about noonish. So, we will see.

The good news for you is that I will have some fucking awesome CTA stories to share. I basically travel the length of the red line to get to work. On the way home, while waiting for the train, I was approached by a man who looked about my age. He said, "you got a man at home?" I said, "Yes," which is a lie but who wants to tell a stranger on the train platform, "nope...I'm single. I've been that way for a little while now." I will answer one. Anyway, he then said, "well, it won't hurt if we are friends." I, for some unknown reason, entertained this and said, "no, it won't hurt." He responded, "well, it might a little." I put my iPod ear buds in at that point.

Later bitches. I have to get to be because I have to be at work tomorrow. Weird.


OG said...

"you gotta man at home" why have I not tried that one before. Ranks right there with "would you like to go to the mule day parade with me?"

Pesto Sauce said...

Congrats on new job

LiLu said...

When has "you gotta man" ever, EVER worked?!


Simply "T" said...

You have the best CTA stories. You inspire me to take the CTA more often. PS. I am creepily hanging out across the way from your apartment. PPS I mean at my gym. PPPS I just went to our walgreens. PPPPS I just saw Mary.

I think that's enough post scripts.

Simply "T" said...

PPPPPS. I just saw Mary again. She walked by me and asked me if I brought my meat out today. I wanted to say "that's what he said!"

emily said...

OG- I think asking someone to go to the Mule Day parade is better than saying, "you got a man at home?" It is just creepy.

Pesto Sauce- Thanks!

LiLu- Never...ever

Simply "T"- You must ride the CTA more often. You get bonus points if you ride it to the far south side like me. I think everything gets more exciting on the south side.