Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mono y mono

holy shit it has been a long time. i don't even know how i got out of the groove of writing. i use to want to put everything here in this blog, but then one day i didn't. one day turned into a week and then months got away from me.

it would be totally awesome if i could say that a whole lot has changed in my life. on some levels it has, but on most it is about the same as where i left off.

i'm still working. i still have that awesome CTA story to share. and, i still wish i could sleep in every day.

i've been itching to get back into this blog. it's sort of like a phantom know the one you get when you have a limb amputated and you have an itch that you can't scratch because your arm isn't even there anymore. or maybe that analogy doesn't make sense at all. either way, i wanted to write again so here i am.

i got some interesting news recently. turns out i had mono and never even knew it. i sort of got pissed off because i couldn't get mono to save my life in high school when i wanted it and then i get it and didn 't even know it. i would totally have milked the mono sympathy train for all it was worth. because everyone knows that if you can milk any kind of train it is a sympathy train.

anyway, i am choosing to believe that i had mono while i was not working which would shed some light on to my marathon sleeping. not that i'm not a little proud of my ability to sleep for 24 hours straight, but it isn't normal. all this time i thought i was super bored and i may have been sick. good thing i never played any contact sports while i was unemployed or my pancreas could have totally ruptured. i dodged a bullet there.

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Amandasaurus said...

We miss you emily! Come back to the black hole - I mean, the blogging world!

I don't know if you check here anymore, but I wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for following my blog this past year. I invite you to join me in the next phase of my blogging journey. It’s a long story as to why I’ve made the switch, but suffice it to say you can now find me on WordPress.

For my creative works and dreams, please visit; for coffee reviews,; and for illustrated life stories,

Thanks for your love and support! You are why I do what I do.

Peace, love and new frontiers,
Miss Rex